Below are just some of the many people who've benefited from Anna's experience.

J.-P. V.

Me voilà sur le point de partir une nouvelle fois sur les chemins du "Camino de Santiago". 510 kms à travers la France, la région de Puy, les monts de l'Aubrac, les gorges en Gasgogne, bref, jusqu'au Pyrénées. Je me sens en pleine forme physique pour cette aventure et cela grâce à Anna. Déjà l'année passée, sur le même chemin, mais en Espagne, j'avais parcouru quelques centaines de kilomètres sans difficultés, malgré les intempéries et le relief. A 69 ans, c'est pas mal. La préparation physique qu'Anna conçoit pour moi dans ses cours de Pilates et de Gyrotonic me fait le plus grand bien. Ses conseils lors de petits problèmes sont toujours efficaces. J'aborde cette nouvelle aventure en pleine confiance et en pleine possession de mes moyens et c'est à Anna que je le dois. Je l'en remercie et l'en suis reconnaissant.

M.-L. L.

To whom it may concern,
I met Anna Lombardi through my usual fitness club where she had a class, and I discovered the true Pilates' method. Miss Lombardi amazed me by her ability to lead a group of very different people, with different skills and levels of education, and the way she makes them progress, in a respectful line of the method, its purposes and its spirit. I have now private classes at Miss Lombardi's studio where she sticks more the exercises to my personal needs and evolution, for my best benefit, thanks to her acute knowledge of the human anatomy. I really recommend Miss Lombardi's expertise.

C. M.

I met Anna a few years ago; she was (and still is) my GYROTONIC® teacher. What I really like of her is her passion. She really enjoys whatever she's doing and take it seriously. When she talks about the dancing or the GYROTONIC® you can almost see sparkles in her eyes! This also translates in the way she gives classes. She cares about her students and is always attentive to what needs to be enhanced or modified. With her the class is never the same and this is very important for someone like me that get bored quite quickly. Also, she's very honest and when you learn to know you discover she is also very open. It is easy to talk to her about everything and you can always tell when she's not convinced about something or she does not like someone...At first sight she might seem distant but I think this is the ex-ballerina showing up for her public because when you know her, it is a complete different person. Very stubborn, she wants to achieve what she starts against all odds. Apart from training, Anna likes to have fun, to meet people, take a walk in the park whenever there is a ray of sun and of course complain about Belgium with me whenever it rain...